Dive out of a plane at 4000 meters high

The only method to genuinely value the special adventure of a skydive is to experience it. It is an extraordinary experience that gets lots of people hooked and wishing to return for more.

Rush towards earth at 190 kmh

Feel the adrenaline increase when you leap out an airplane at 4,000 meters up and hurry towards the earth with speeds of approximately 190 kilometers per hour. Take pleasure in the unbelievable liberty of flying in the air forward, sideways and in reverse.

Then when the parachute has actually been released at 1,500 meters high, unwind in the tranquility of the sky and take pleasure in the view of the horizon and the earth under you.

At this time you can ask your trainer if you can guide the canopy for a while, making the flight much more thrilling. A skydive is an experience of overall adventure, to ignore whatever else, feel the increase in energy, simply you and the outright adventure of the dive.

The experience will leave you buzzing for a long period of time later on, wishing to return for more. It is something to always remember, you need to do it to comprehend how incredible it is.

Tandem skydive

Throughout this tandem skydive you will be linked by means of a harness to a totally certified and experienced trainer who looks after opening the parachute, piloting and landing.

A tandem skydive is the only method to experience the enjoyment and the adventure of leaping out a plane and dropping in totally free fall with speeds of approximately 190 kilometers without substantial training.

After a 20 minutes security instruction you are prepared to board the airplane for the experience of a life time.

Your skydive experience


    • Your skydive experience begins with a brief security instruction and direction by your completely certified USPA trainer. He will inform you about the skydive and the devices.
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Your trainer will help you placing on your one-piece suit. An unique harness will be used to connect you to your trainer.

    • .

Board a little airplane and ascend to skydive elevation which will take around 15 minutes.

    • .

At around 4,000 meters/ 13,000 feet up the plane door will open. This is the time to leap!

    • .

Totally free fall for about one minute at around 190 kilometers/ 120 miles per hour, adrenaline pumping at complete speed!

    • .

Your trainer will open the parachute at 1,500 meters/ 5,000 feet. Take pleasure in the views and sensations of liberty while coming down towards the earth which will take some 5 to 8 minutes. If you wish to attempt flying the canopy, this is your possibility.

    • .

Do not forget to book video or pictures prior to your dive.

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Skydive Thailand fast realities


Near Pattaya, about a 90 minutes drive from Bangkok. The website is discovered about 10 kilometers East of Highway 7, simply North of Nong Kho tank on roadway 4098.
For who

Everybody of 16 years or older who delights in terrific delights and is not scared of heights. Adult approval needed for anybody in between 16 and 18 years of age.
Weight limitation

There is a weight limitation of roughly 100 kilos/ 220 pounds, nevertheless if you are high and have an active way of life a greater weight might be all right, call us to make certain.
Medical factors to consider

Individuals with specific conditions like heart problem and epilepsy can not take part in sky diving. If you take prescription drugs or have actually just recently been ill or hurt, you are needed to bring a letter from a medical professional stating it’s all right to skydive. If you are unsure, please consult your physician. If you have actually been diving, enable a minimum of 24 hr prior to doing a skydive.
What to use

Use something comfy that permits you to move easily as much as possible, like a Tee shirts, shorts, trousers that are not too tight. For shoes, fitness instructors are best, no shoes or bare feet, no shoes that have hooks for lacing.
Photos and video

Pictures or video of your skydive can be reserved the day of your dive at the drop zone workplace.
Climate condition

If you have actually reserved your skydive, concerned the drop zone even if the weather report is bad. If it is not safe to leap, we will call you to cancel. If climate condition worsen throughout the day, your dive will be held off till the weather condition enhances or canceled.

Undoubtedly, security is a primary issue. The skydive operation is owned and handled by English and American partners with more than thirty years experience in sky diving. The danger aspect of sky diving is really low, many injuries that do take place are little landing injuries. In the really uncommon occasion that the primary parachute does closed, there is a backup 2nd parachute geared up with a contemporary automated activation gadget.
Skydive rates

Costs at the Thai Sky Adventures website are:

. Tandem Skydive .

. 8,450 .

Tandem Skydive with video

. 12,250 .

Tandem Skydive with pictures .

12,250 .

. Tandem Skydive with video & pictures( freefall just) .

. & 13,250 .

Tandem Skydive & Deluxe media( freefall & parachute flight) .

. 14,250 .

* All rates are per individual.

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