Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Pattaya displays a collection of odd, remarkable, unusual and unexpected things from throughout the world.

Fantastic, odd & odd products on screen

Numerous curiosity are on screen, each with a label in English and Thai. Some products are originals, others are reproductions. A number of screens are interactive like a scale you can base on to examine your weight on the moon.

The guy of chains
The guy of chains was a Pakistani guy who used 670 pounds of chains for over 13 years as a self enforced penalty. You can see a realistic design of him behind bars using the heavy chains.

The half lot guy weighing 485 kilos
Robert Earl Hughes was the world’s heaviest guy, likewise referred to as “The half lot guy”. When he passed away at the age of 32 he weighed 1,069 pounds (485 kilos) and had a chest width of 3.15 meters.

The world’s biggest glutton
Vitellius, emperor of the Roman empire was understood for his extreme consuming. He was a fat glutton who invested substantial quantities of cash on unusual food. Vitellius often at more than 1,000 oysters in one day. As according to a prediction he would rule longer if he outlasted his mom, he starved her to death. Regrettably for Vitellius the prediction did not work, he ruled for just 8 months.

The highest guy that ever lived and the 17 inch guy
Robert Wadlow was the highest guy that ever lived at 2.72 meters high. He continued growing up until his death at age 22.

Beside the highest guy secured in a little cage is Alypius, a dwarf from ancient Egypt determining simply 17 inches high (43 centimeters). According to legend he was sent to prison in a bird cage for treason.

Cannibal skulls and shrunken heads
An area of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is committed to the Indian people of the Americas. Among the products on screen is a genuine Asmat cannibal skull. The Asmat individuals from New Guinea were head hunters who used the skulls of their opponents as prizes.

Another intriguing product is a shrunken head lowered to the size of a fist. The Jivaro Indians who reside in the jungles of Ecuador were understood for their head searching and shrinking of human heads of their opponents which they used as prizes.

The Okipa event
Next is a representation of the Okipa event as it was carried out by the Mandan Indians of The United States And Canada. The Okipa was a spiritual event for guys to show their strength and acquire the approval of the spirits. Warriors would suspend from the ceiling by skewers took into the chest and shoulders. Heavy buffalo skulls were connected to their legs to increase the weight.

The pilot who was stuck in the trees for 12 days
Strolling over a jungle bridge you can see an old plane crashed into the jungle, the pilot suspended in the trees still using his parachute. The English pilot crashed the DC-3 aircraft into the jungles of Sumatra. His parachute got stuck in the trees. Not able to complimentary himself he was suspended in the trees for 12 days and endured on fruit gave him by a monkey.

More curiosity
Hundreds more odd, odd and intriguing products are on screen consisting of abuse gadgets in action utilized by pirates, a male who endured being impaled by a pipeline almost missing his heart, the fur covered trout from Lake Superior in Canada, a 2 headed calf, a male resting on a bed of nails, a big scale design of the Titanic constructed of over one million matchsticks and a wood design of a 1937 Jaguar that is not a cars and truck however a boat.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! lies in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World of Home entertainment complex on the leading flooring of the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping center on Beach roadway in between Pattaya Soi 13/2 and Pattaya Soi 13/3 in Central Pattaya.

How to arrive

Arrive by taxi or songthaew. The home entertainment complex is on the songthaew circular path beach roadway – Pattaya 2 nd roadway in Central Pattaya.

Navigating Pattaya: Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Songthaew or Automobile

Opening hours

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World of Home entertainment complex opens daily from 11 am up until 11 pm.

Ticket costs

Stroll in ticket costs at the counter are:

Kid rate: Height 80 – 120 cm
Young child rate: Height under 80 cm

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