The “WGP # 1 Waterjet World Cup” at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand, runs till December 17, includes different Jet Ski occasions and brings in the very best waterjet professional athletes from worldwide.

PATTAYA, Thailand— The “WGP # 1 Waterjet World Cup” started on December 13, uniting the very best waterjet professional athletes from around the world. The five-day occasion, which likewise consists of the “WGP # 1 Waterjet World Series 2023,” is being held at Jomtien Beach, a popular location for water sports lovers.

The competitors includes different Jet Ski occasions, such as freestyle, slalom, endurance, and drag race, to name a few. The individuals will display their abilities and techniques on the water, completing for splendor and rewards. The occasion is anticipated to bring in countless viewers, who can take pleasure in the thrilling efficiencies and the joyful environment.

The “WGP # 1 Waterjet World Cup” is arranged by the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA), the world governing body for individual boat competitive racing. The occasion is supported by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Pattaya City Town, in addition to numerous sponsors and partners.

The occasion intends to promote waterjet sports as an enjoyable and amazing activity, in addition to to increase tourist and regional economy in Pattaya. The occasion likewise works as a platform for cultural exchange and relationship amongst the waterjet neighborhood.

For more in-depth info and updates on the occasion, lovers can follow the main Facebook page “Jet Ski World Cup Grand Prix,” where you can discover the most recent news, live updates, and behind-the-scenes glances of this magnificent waterjet sports extravaganza.

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