Pattaya cops rob the Sky Mountain Laem Bali Hai dining establishment and arrest Thais and immigrants consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes hookah tobacco, on Thursday night. (Image: Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

Thirty-two individuals, Thais and immigrants, were jailed at a dining establishment in Pattaya on Thursday night for drinking alcohol.

Authorities robbed Sky Mountain Laem Bali Hai dining establishment at around 11.30 pm on Thursday.

They were acting upon info the dining establishment unlawfully permitted clients to consume alcohol and smoke hookah pipelines inside the facilities.

When cops showed up, they discovered clients were drinking and smoking cigarettes from hookah pipelines.

They jailed 24 Thai and 7 foreign clients and one worker, who were required to Pattaya police headquarters.

The clients were charged with breaching the illness control order and unlawful assembly in offense of the emergency situation decree.

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