Authorities apprehend the implicated enemy, Mr Thip, on Tuesday night. (Picture provided/ Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

CHON BURI: A motorcyclist implicated of attempting to rape a Chinese female on a separated roadside near Pattaya before leaving with her cash has actually been jailed.

Authorities apprehended the suspect, recognized just as Thip, 41, at a home in Huai Pong of Rayong province about 9pm on Tuesday, after seeing security electronic camera recordings along the enemy’s escape path.

He was kept in cops custody after the victim saw images sent out by the detaining officers and recognized him as the male who attempted to rape her.

About 11.30 pm, cops requested and got an arrest warrant for the suspect from Pattaya Provincial Court on charges of salacious behaviour, tried rape and theft. He was required to Nong Preu police headquarters.

Throughout questioning, the suspect supposedly confessed to all charges. According to cops, he stated he wished to apologise for his actions. Nevertheless, he rejected setting fire to the turf along with the roadway in an effort to eliminate the victim. He declared he set her totally free.

The arrest followed a grievance from a 29-year-old Chinese female. She and her young sibling, 19, had actually been waiting on public transportation on Highway 331, the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima path, about 10 kilometres from the tried rape scene. They meant to go to Pattaya.

2 guys on motorbikes provided them a trip. The 2 travelers accepted, taking a trip on different motorbikes.

The female stated her motorcyclist took her on a various path, showing up in a forested location where he supposedly attempted unsuccessfully to rape her. He then connected her hands and feet before setting fire to the turf and leaving with 15,000 baht money and 1,500 yuan he took from her, according to the victim.

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