Marie Joseph Hendrikus Hyacinthus, left, of the Netherlands, is questioned after being apprehended for apparently acquiring Thai kids for immigrants for sex in Pattaya early on Sunday. (Image caught from Spring News Television Channel)

Authorities have actually rejected claims by a 69-year-old Dutchman blacklisted for overstay in 2016 that he returned to Thailand 8 months later on by paying off a migration officer at a Surin border checkpoint, prior to being consequently apprehended in Pattaya at the weekend for apparently acquiring Thai kids for immigrants.

Marie Joseph Hendrikus Hyacinthus was nabbed at 1.30 am on Sunday in Pattaya by a cops group, led by Authorities Area 2 deputy leader Chetha Kamolwathana, who is likewise head of the Kid and Women Household Security and Anti Person Trafficking Centre of Provincial Authorities Area 2.

The arrest was made throughout a sting operation introduced on suspicion the Dutchman was providing young kids for sex with immigrants in Pattaya.

2 immigrants working as cops representatives called Mr Hyacinthus, asking him for 4 Thai kids. He was apprehended when he appeared at a hotel where the young kids were to be turned over.

Mr Hyacinthus was discovered to have actually been blacklisted by Thai migration for one year and deported on Sept 10, 2016. He declared to have actually slipped back into Thailand in Might in 2015.

He apparently informed private investigators after Sunday’s arrest that he paid a migration officer at Chong Jom checkpoint in Surin’s Kab Choeng district 3,000 baht to let him cross the border from Cambodia.

Mr Hyacinthus rejected all charges in connection with the sex trade.

Authorities deputy representative Krissana Pattanacharoen stated on Monday the Migration Bureau discovered no record of Mr Hyacinthus getting in Thailand through any legal entry point.

The suspect had actually attempted to go into the nation, however had actually been turned down by Migration officers, Pol Col Krissana stated. It was not possible the suspect gone into Thailand through a legal crossing point.

Concerning the supposed kickback, the deputy cops representative stated no abnormalities had actually been discovered.

Migration Bureau chief Sutthipong Wongpin stated no officers were discovered to have actually required or gotten an allurement from Mr Hyacinthus as he declared.

An examination will be performed to establish how the suspect gone into Thailand, he stated.

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