A 16-year-old woman is required to Friend Phae police headquarters in Khon Kaen for questioning after she was lured into prostitution by a male who pretended to be a cop. Image: Chakkraphan Natanri

KHON KAEN: A pimp who impersonated a cop when providing young woman of the streets for consumers was captured in an authorities sting when he took a minor woman to a hotel in Friend Phae district on Tuesday night.

The 24-year-old went under the name “Pol Capt Phaisan” when using to supply sexual partners by means of Twitter.

After his arrest he informed authorities that utilizing the name offered him power to “protect himself and threaten others”, Pol Col Samphan Lueangsatchakun, of Traveler Cops Bureau Area 2, stated on Tuesday night.

Cops private investigators appeared when the male took a 16-year-old woman into a hotel to satisfy a client, uninformed he was being snared in an authorities trap.

The male confessed he utilized Twitter to provide sex services to consumers, guaranteeing to acquire Matthayom 4 (Grade 10) trainees at a cost of 3,000 baht a time.

He likewise tempted ladies he satisfied at clubs into prostitution and videoed them making love, Pol Col Samphan stated. The videos were offered to individuals who followed his Twitter.

The phony name discouraged his Twitter fans from asking him to provide the clips totally free of charge, Pol Col Samphan stated.

The suspect declined to permit his name to be relesed to themedia, he stated.

Cops have actually heightened operations versus the prohibited sex sell current weeks, finding that both wrongdoers and victims are getting more youthful and progressively utilize popular social networking websites to interact.

In one case, a 17-year-old woman acquired a 14-year-old woman for an Indian male in Pattaya resort city.

Deputy Traveler Cops Bureau chief Surachate Hakparn alerted that consumers were likewise being dealt with as wrongdoers in these cases and might deal with a surcharge of human trafficking.

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