Paramedics attend to Somporn’s knife injuries following a thwarted robbery, while his concerned wife and police assess the aftermath of the confrontation with the burglar.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A man suffered severe injuries to his right forearm after confronting a knife-wielding burglar in his home at 4 a.m. on April 11. Somporn Matiya, 50, sustained knife wounds, including a 5-centimeter laceration and profuse bleeding. Police and rescue teams found him in distress, and his room showed signs of a struggle, including damaged windows and blood scattered across the floor.

The victim appeared intoxicated as he told police officers that he had been robbed twice before by unknown assailants. He alleged that on this occasion, a male perpetrator invaded his room, leading to a physical altercation and his subsequent injury.

His wife, Ruengrong, confirmed Somporn’s intoxicated state prior to the incident, mentioning that he had been drinking beer at her workplace and was urged to return home. Shortly after, Somphol called her to inform her of the attack, prompting her to return home immediately to find him injured.

After receiving initial treatment at Banglamung Hospital, police advised Somporn to file a complaint at Pattaya City Police Station for further investigation. The authorities began examining surveillance footage in the vicinity to identify and prosecute the perpetrator and bring him in for question.

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