Mayor Poramet Ngampichet (3rd right) inspects the sinkhole at the Paniadchang intersection on Pattaya Third Road, caused by a burst underground water pipe.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet inspected the site of the sinkhole at the Paniadchang intersection on Pattaya Third Road, a consequence of the severe thunderstorm on May 21. The resulting flooding severely affected areas, particularly at the Mum Aroi intersection. City engineers identified that a burst water pressure pipe under the road, exacerbated by continuous heavy rainfall, caused the road to sink.

As floodwaters receded, city officials discovered that the prolonged water pressure had eroded the soil beneath the road, causing subsidence over a stretch of more than five meters. On May 23, Mayor Poramet, accompanied by Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai and officials from the Sanitation Engineering Office, inspected the affected area to witness the damage and assess the progress of repairs first-hand.

Pramuan Thongbai, Chairman of Mitkamon Concrete Co., Ltd., the contractor responsible for the storm drainage system construction at the intersection, briefed Mayor Poramet on the repair plans. He said that persistent rain and heavy flooding on the evening of May 21 caused the road surface at Pattaya Third Road’s Paniadchang intersection to subside by 10 centimetres.

Pramuan indicated that a disconnected 450mm PC pipe had led to water seeping and eroding the soil underneath. He outlined the repair strategy, stating that the team will expedite the reconnection of the 450mm PC pipe and restore the road surface over a 10-meter stretch within seven days, aiming to resume normal traffic flow as soon as possible. He assured the public that incidents such as this are covered under the contractor’s warranty.

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