Cops and paramedics conceal declared drugs provider Thosapol Saelim’s lifeless body on Pattaya Beach after he was stabbed to death by a serial drug dealership who declined to pay his financial obligation.

Pattaya cops apprehended a serial drug dealership for apparently stabbing to death his handicapped provider in broad daytime on Pattaya Beach.
Somchart Ayla, 42, was caught soon after the April 16 stabbing on the beach opposite Soi Pattaya Beach 13/4.

Thosapol Saelim, 39, suffered a single stab injury to the heart and passed away at the scene. He utilized a wheelchair due to paralysis on his left side. A knife nearly 30 centimeters long was recuperated at the scene.

Witnesses consisting of Ball, 25, who leases beach mats to travelers, much like Thosapol, saw the fatal argument that preceded the stabbing. Ball declared the victim likewise had a 2nd type of work providing controlled substances.

Thosapol employed dealerships on consignment to work Pattaya Beach and nightlife locations to offer drugs to travelers. Supposedly, Somchart offered his allocation of narcotics however not paid back Thosapol for them.

Thosapol was heard shouting at Somchart for the cash he was owed. Somchart, who cops stated had actually been imprisoned 6 times prior to and was simply launched from jail in January, reacted with curse words and a knife, stabbing Thosapol to death.

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