Paramedics provide first-aid to Panya Wanchana after pulling him out of his reversed Chevy Pioneer. The Pro Mushroom freight truck was struck so hard, it flew onto the traffic island.

A single person was significantly hurt after he crashed his SUV into 2 vehicles stopped at a Sukhumvit Roadway crossway.

Panya Wanchana, 57, was caught inside his Chevrolet Pioneer in the 11 p.m. Dec. 30 crash on Sukhuvmit Roadway at Benefit Kanchana-Soi Khao Talo traffic signal. He was released and transferred to a regional healthcare facility.

Ubol Kaewwangworn, chauffeur of a Pro Mushroom Co. freight truck, stated he was stopped at the light when Panya crashed into him, pressing the truck onto the center island.

Panya’s automobile reversed while doing so. Pisit, chauffeur of a Toyota Camry which was likewise rear-ended, stated he was unimpaired.

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