A intoxicated motorist attempted to smash his method through a authorities checkpoint in Pattaya the other day. His effort stopped working and authorities jailed the inebriated guy.

The Pattaya City Cops established the checkpoint after midnight today on North Pattaya Road in Naklua to capture intoxicated chauffeurs. The operation showed to be effective as numerous chauffeurs were charged with driving under the influence.

Pattaya Cops informed the Pattaya News that they saw the sedan driving unpredictably as it approached the authorities checkpoint. Cops flagged the vehicle to stop however the motorist put his foot down and attempted to break through the line just to crash into a cops motorcycle close by.

Luckily, Senior Sergeant Major Rapeepat Prommin, who was on the motorcycle, handled to leap clear to security. The bike wasn’t as fortunate.

The intoxicated motorist, Nattanet Puttawong, attempted to put up a battle and escape however ultimately gave up.

The 38 years of age climbed up out of his sedan and stated sorry to the apprehending officers.

Nattanet admitted he ‘d had a beverage prior to triggering on his journey.

The alcohol breath test was well over the legal limitation.

Nattanet was jailed and accompanied to the Pattaya City Police Headquarters where he will be charged.

There has actually been a string of car offenses in the popular celebration city this year.

2 weeks ago a careless pickup motorist who tore down a British guy on a pedestrian crossing in a hit-and-run event gave up to authorities and went to the victim to apologise. The motorist declared he did not see him in the middle of the roadway.

Last month a widely known Australian surf board designer passed away after crashing his bike in Chon Buri.

Kym Thompson smashed into an electrical power pole while preventing a truck turning at a junction on November 1. CCTV demonstrates how Thompson was flung from his bike and skidded along the roadway.

In July, One guy passed away and another was seriously hurt the other day in a supposed driving under the influence event in the Sri Racha district, in between Chon Buri and Pattaya.

In August, Thailand was ranked as the 2nd most unsafe nation to drive in according to a chauffeur’s instructional platform. Just South Africa is considered to be a more unsafe location to drive than the Kingdom of Thailand with the United States can be found in 3rd location.

Nattanet is not the very first intoxicated motorist case in Pattaya and will not be the last.

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