The Russian stands in the smashed entrance of the 7-11 store buffooning guard as they attempt to suppress the intoxicated guy.

An intoxicated Russian was apprehended for hurting himself and 2 others throughout a rampage in a Strolling Street 7-Eleven corner store.

The unknown immigrant in his late 30s strolled through a glass door and ruined rack products in the corner store at the corner of Soi 14. He was cut by glass, as was worker Kanya Inpanon, 53.

Witnesses stated the heavyset Russian brute can be found in around 4:30 a.m. to purchase a bottle of water, however started grumbling about the 10-baht cost. He then began bothering other clients, yelling and tossing things. The temper tantrum worsened when he broke the glass door.

A worker contacted a neighboring motorcycle-taxi motorist to assist suppress popular Russian, however when the brave volunteer got head-butted and began bleeding, he hesitated about stepping in and called authorities.

Authorities lastly took on the Russian and tossed him in the intoxicated tank up until early morning prior to charging him with different offenses.

7-11 worker Kanya Inpanon sits outside the shop nursing her bleeding face brought on by flying glass after the rampaging Russian smashed the door.
The inebriated Russian strolled through a glass door of the 7-11 shop on Strolling Street and went on a damage rampage ruining products on the racks.
Security personnel suppress popular Russian and offer him emergency treatment for his self-inflicted bloody injuries prior to carrying him off to the intoxicated tank.

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