The 17-year-old young boy, high up on alcohol and pot continued to insult and argue with cops after he was nabbed for wielding a knife at passersby outside Wat Chaimongkol Temple in South Pattaya.

An intoxicated and high up on pot teen was apprehended by Pattaya cops after he displayed a knife outside Wat Chaimongkol Temple.

The 17-year-old was held up until his moms and dads gotten here. They were directed to much better monitor their kid and look for treatment for his drug abuse.

Shopowners around the South Pattaya temple stated the young boy, recognized as “Jack”, has more than when waved a knife while roaming around the area. Jack rejected it. When apprehended, the teenager was both intoxicated and high up on cannabis.

He was bring both weed and a “bong” which is utilized for smoking cigarettes cannabis when apprehended. Deactivated and limited, the young boy continued to insult and combat cops.

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