A red-and-grey Honda Wave 110 motorcycle belonging to Thanakit Churai stripped of its wheels by thieves under the cover of night, sparking alarm in Pattaya’s Na Jomtien Village.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya residents are on high alert following a recent surge in motorcycle wheel thefts perpetrated by a criminal gang. The incident, which occurred at the Government Housing Na Jomtien Village, was captured on closed-circuit television cameras, prompting urgent calls from residents for police intervention to address the escalating issue.

The alarm was raised after a video clip circulated on social media, showcasing the brazen theft of wheels from a red-and-grey Honda Wave 110 motorcycle. Victim Thanakit Churai, 23, and his pregnant wife recounted the upsetting events of April 7, when they discovered their motorcycle stripped of its wheels. They swiftly reported the theft to the authorities, urging immediate action.

Security camera footage captures a thief riding off with a wheel from Thanakit Churai’s motorcycle, prompting alarm among Pattaya communities as incidents of wheel theft escalate.

On April 8, Thanakit guided authorities to the site of the theft, expressing his dismay over the incident. Despite the community’s outcry and solidarity, the perpetrators remain at large, eluding capture by law enforcement. While such thefts are unfortunately not uncommon in the region, the repeated incidents have left residents feeling apprehensive and vulnerable.

The unresolved crimes pose a significant threat to the safety and security of the community and could potentially deter tourists from visiting the area if left unaddressed. Authorities are facing mounting pressure to swiftly apprehend the culprits and implement measures to prevent further thefts, aiming to restore peace of mind to residents and safeguard the reputation of Pattaya as a tourist destination.

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