This trip coach ended up being stuck in a big hole dug for the building of a brand-new drain system on a roadway in Pattaya City on Monday night. The chauffeur might not see it due to the fact that the roadway was flooded. (Image by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

Following a night of downpour which paralysed traffic on numerous primary roadways in the capital, the weather condition workplace has actually alerted homeowners there might be a repeat of the problem on Tuesday night.

The day-to-day 5am weather report released by the Meteorological Department stated more rain is anticipated over 60% of Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, with “heavy” rain projection for some locations.

Downpours throughout the night heavy traffic on Monday led to severe traffic jam in lots of locations of the city, while the disturbance of the Purple Line electrical train service intensified travelling issues.

A number of hundred travelers, mainly workplace employees, were stranded at Tao Poon station on the Purple Line after the service was suspended due to a technical issue. Service resumed about 7.30 pm.

The Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority later on stated the issue was the outcome of a breakdown of the electrical power circulation system, triggered by heavy rain.

The downpour was brought by the more powerful southwest monsoon paired with the effect of a low pressure location over neighbouring Laos and upper Vietnam, the weather condition workplace stated.

A number of roadways in Pattaya City were reported greatly flooded on Monday night following heavy rain. Sukhumvit Roadway, Beach Roadway and Pattaya-Na Kleau Roadway in the popular seaside traveler location were partly covered with floodwater in between 30cm and 90cm deep, reports stated.

City employees were today accelerating the draining pipes of the water.

In other places in the nation, the town and organization centre of That Phanom district of the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom ended up being flooded after an hour-long rainstorm on Mondayevening.

The flood was blamed rising level of the Mekong River, which slowed the draining pipes of the run-off. Overflows were likewise reported in some riverside locations in neighbouring Renu Nakhon district along with in Phon Phisai district of Nong Khai, where some schools near the river were bought to shut down for 2 days.

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