Pattaya cops primary Apichai Krobpetch states an arrest warrant has actually been released for an immigrant apparently impersonating a law enforcement officer to browse travelers’ bags and after that take money and other possessions. (Image by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

CHON BURI: A warrant has actually been released for the arrest of a foreign suspect who has actually apparently declared to be a law enforcement officer to obtain or take cash from travelers holidaying in the resort city of Pattaya.

Pictures of the suspect and a message caution travelers not to succumb to the guy were published on Pattaya Authorities’s Facebook page and shared online.

According to the Facebook page, the suspect rode a motorbike without any licence plates to search for victims, primarily Chinese nationals, strolling along streets in this beach city. After choosing his target, he would pretend to be a law enforcement officer, asking to see the victim’s passport and browse the victim’s bag or wallet. Throughout the search, the suspect would then take cash. The offenses were declared to happen in Na Jomthien location of Pattaya.

Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch, chief of Pattaya cops, on Tuesday verified the look for the suspect. One victim has up until now emerged to lodge a grievance with cops.

Authorities have actually recognized the suspect and released a warrant for his arrest, stated the Pattaya cops chief, revealing self-confidence that the guy would be jailed soon.

Pol Col Apichai recommended travelers to stay watchful while checking out Pattaya. Procedures were currently in location to avoid criminal activity versus travelers, he stated.

A foreign guy is declared to have actually impersonated a Pattaya law enforcement officer to obtain or take cash from travelers. (Pattaya Authorities’s Facebook page)

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