A Swede (M.) strolled equipped on Beach Roadway and had a percentage of crystal methamphetamine in his travel luggage. Picture: Siamchonnews.com

PATTAYA: A Swedish male has actually been jailed by Pattaya cops for bring a crammed pistol and a percentage of drugs in public.

Pattaya Authorities carried out a body search on Mattias E., a 43-year-old Swedish traveler, on suspicion that he was bring a weapon, regional media reported on Saturday (December 24, 2022). Mattias was strolling off Soi 13/3 at the south end of Pattaya Beach Roadway when he was gotten by officers.

The male was bring a “suspicious” green knapsack and a little dark knapsack, cops stated. Inside the dark knapsack, cops discovered a bag of crystal methamphetamine, and inside the green knapsack, cops were shocked to discover a gold Colt Protector.380 handgun with 5 bullets in the publication. A box of cartridges was likewise found in the green knapsack.

The immigrant was required to Pattaya Police headquarters for questioning. Authorities stated he went into Thailand on December 18, 2022.

He specified that he discovered the weapon and ammunition in a plastic box outside an unnamed go-go bar, so he chose to simply keep them. The cops then performed a drug test on him and apparently discovered an undefined drug in his body.

Ultimately, the Swedish traveler was charged with belongings of an unregistered gun and ammo, bring a weapon in public and taking a controlled substance, formally ending his beach trip.

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