A sad Paul James Silver sits next to the body of his partner Nichanan who passed away from the fall from their 6th flooring condominium on Pattaya Second Roadway.

A Nakhon Ratchasima lady passed away after falling from a sixth-floor Pattaya condominium.

Nichanan Bell, 44, passed away at the scene of the Jan. 25 occurrence at an unknown condo tower on South Pattaya Roadway. Her body was sent out for a forensics assessment.

A buddy, determined just as “Leading”, 48, stated Nichanan and New Zealand-native Paul James Silver, 78, had actually been cohabiting for about 5 months and had actually prepared to get wed.

Regardless of their 30-year age distinction, the couple mored than happy, Leading declared. They had actually been out drinking earlier and were seen strolling together back to their condominium. 5 minutes after they got back, Leading heard the thud as Nichanan’s body struck parked motorbikes listed below.

Authorities questioned Paul James Silver however have actually not figured out the reason for Nichanan’s death plunge.

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