Thaweesap Kullabut, protected, after an incredible rescue from his immersed car that drifted off Highway 7 into a 10-meter deep pit.

PATTAYA, Thailand— What started as a regular journey became a traumatic experience for Thaweesap Kullabut, 51, when his white Suzuki Triton pickup drifted off the roadway and plunged into an old water pit next to freeway path 7, incoming towards Bangkok.

Thaweesap, who was taking a trip from Laem Chabang Port to Lat Krabang on February 20, informed rescuers that he briefly dozed off, causing his car swerving off course and plunged into the water pit, which determined over 10 meters in depth.

Pipat, a 17-year-old witness, stated being seated by the roadside absorbed in his phone when he experienced the pickup hitting his parked bike before plunging into the deep water pit next to the highway. Luckily, Pipat directly got away damage and thanked his fortunate stars for having actually made it through particular damage if not even worse.

Somkuan Thasorn, a 45-year-old lathe operator working close by, became a hero in the rescue operation. Experiencing the mishap, Somkuan immediately hurried to the scene and fearlessly plunged into the water equipped with a piece of iron. With Thaweesap sticking frantically to the side of the immersed pickup, Somkuan shattered the window utilizing the iron tool, making it possible for Thaweesap to leave.

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