A traveler unwinds as a trained masseuse in her wise pink consistent provides him a physical massage on Jomtien Beach.

More than 100 Jomtien Beach masseuses got a refresher on the guidelines and policies from authorities at Pattaya Municipal government.

Public Health Department authorities Pornpirom Suadang informed the 106 masseuses March 16, discussing policies and directions and upgrading the list of authorized provider to represent brand-new and retired members.

Masseuses were informed they need to have 150 hours of training and pass a Thai Massage for Health program at a certified organization. They need to be Thai, over twenty years old and have actually a signed up house in Pattaya.

All companies need to use tidy uniforms with name tags and not use precious jewelry that obstructs of their work. All their individual info needs to be on record and companies need to be service-minded, sincere, genuine, ethical, respectful, and have excellent social abilities.

Public Health Department authorities Pornpirom Suadang briefs the 106 masseuses on guidelines and policies for supplying service to the general public.

Finally, masseuses can not overemphasize the advantages of their service or do any physical treatment or rehab. They can not offer food or other products.
Costs are repaired at 300 baht an hour for foot and body massage.

Fines and charges for breaking the guidelines start at a seven-day suspension and fines of approximately 5,000 baht and can add to 15 days suspension and 10,000 baht in fines. Third-time abusers will have their licenses withdrawed.

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