A conversation surrounding the principle of katanyu, which is typically equated to being grateful or revealing appreciation towards one’s moms and dads or those who have actually respected you, got in Thai society’s zeitgeist recently inadvertently, as a spin-off of another online drama.

Famous online supplier Pimrypie, who’s understood for her sassy mindset and tear-jerking viral videos of her assisting the less lucky, put somebody on blast while going Facebook Live after they stated she had actually passed her peak as few individuals enjoy her. Pimrypie put them down, asking just how much cash they made in contrast to her and boasted about the huge empire she keeps up numerous workers under her management. A doctor/influencer pertained to Pimrypie’s defence stating Pimrypie’s offering her dad B5 million as a katanyu act and asked whether those who criticised her might do the very same. Influencer Flukkaron delved into the discussion and stated offering a great deal of cash to moms and dads as katanyu reveals the federal government’s failure (in supplying well-being for the senior) and not all kids can manage to offer their moms and dads a great deal of cash as it’s hard enough to feed themselves.

There are 2 camps on the opposite ends of this katanyu continuum. The most conventional method (and the method I have actually been taught maturing) is that you, as a kid, are indebted to your moms and dads who offer you life, food, shelter, love, education and other requirements throughout your developmental years to end up being a practical member of society. For that reason, when your moms and dads are frail and can’t work any longer, you need to repay them with cash, things and check outs. Pretty uncomplicated.

The other severe holds the view that moms and dads select to have kids, who didn’t ask to be born. To have a kid with the expectation that they should look after you when you’re old seem like a service choice. It’s not about love. It’s a financial investment that holds a reluctant celebration to ethical and monetary commitments that they didn’t request for or grant. Unreasonable if you truly think of it. You can even argue that Thai society puts a lot focus on katanyu as a smokescreen to cover the structural failure of the federal government to look after their individuals in their golden years. The obligation of looking after the senior in society has actually been pressed to working grownups and young people rather.

I’m unsure if katanyu, which is absolutely a virtue to have, is being misused when there are numerous disputes on Pantip concerning just how much a kid ought to offer their moms and dads monthly or nervousness of kids visiting their upcountry houses without numerous presents for moms and dads. Numerous have actually commented how katanyu is such a distinct Thai virtue that farangs do not have. Some have actually argued that farang moms and dads do not need to count on their kids since they have actually developed enough monetary stability or have social well-being to attend to themselves and their kids correspond through telephone call and vacation check outs.

Speaking from a location of opportunity, my moms and dads, who are well into their retirement, are method richer than me and they have actually developed strong portfolios, which create a significant earnings. We’re Bangkokian-Chinese and we have actually never ever gone on a vacation, even to Pattaya, as a household. Real story. They have actually never ever asked me for a regular monthly allowance (my mum slips me a couple B1,000 notes and purchases food for me each week as if I’m still at school) and I assist them out with physician visits, vaccinations at Bang Sue, documents, tax filing, mobile phone apps, to name a few little jobs.

I’m aware that I might never ever repay them for what they have actually provided for me and I definitely can’t provide B5 million. Am I not katanyu?

Preferably, kids need to enjoy and value their moms and dads enough that they feel the requirement to repay their moms and dads by themselves accord, in their own method and within their ways while developing a life on their own. Preferably once again, moms and dads need to have invested and conserved sufficient cash to attend to themselves throughout their retirement years without depending on their kids. The federal government, too, might have done a much better task at looking after senior members of society to repay them for contributions and taxes they have actually made through years.

Do kids require the pressure of being incredibly katanyu to make their lives more difficult than it needs to be? I believe not. They are their own individuals and exempt of their moms and dads.

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