CCTV Footage shows Peerasak Saengarun trying to break up the fight between staff members moments before being stabbed in the abdomen by one of them.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An argument between two staff at the Tuk Tuk Club in South Pattaya, turned violent at 4 a.m. on June 28, leaving the club manager severely wounded.

Peerasak Saengarun, 48, the club manager, intervened in a dispute between two staff members, one of whom had only recently started working. Kantapong Rungreungsombat, 33, allegedly reacted violently, stabbing Peerasak in the abdomen. Paramedics provided initial aid before rushing him to the hospital.

Witness Natthaphon Singto, 29, recounted that the altercation began as a quarrel between a waiter and Kantapong, escalating when Peerasak intervened. Despite Kantapong’s subsequent apology and claim of no intent to harm, the severity of the injury prompted an urgent call to authorities.

Pol. Maj. Col. Thanongsak Inphadung led an investigation, aided by CCTV footage capturing the entire incident inside the club. The footage revealed Kantapong’s brief remorse before leaving, while club staff rendered assistance to Peerasak until medical help arrived. Following intense police efforts, Kantapong surrendered himself, facilitating further legal proceedings at the Pattaya City Police Station.

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