Nong Nooch Tropical Garden director Kampol Tansajja weighs a sea coconut prior to peeling them

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden peeled 11 ripe double coconuts, to gather seeds to reproduce more of the unusual, costly fruit.

Park Director Kampol Tansajja took part in the March 8 program to peel the 11 sea coconuts or “double coconuts”, which has 2 concentric shells. The double-shelled sea coconut is so unusual, it costs 200,000 baht on the street. Single-shell sea coconuts choose half that.

Kampol stated that sea coconuts are a type of palm initially from the Seychelles islands. It has the greatest seed of all type of palm seeds.

Presently, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden has 38 double coconut trees, 4 male trees and 9 women, and 25 with unidentified gender. The trees themselves cost 500,000 baht each.

Kampol Tansajja peels among the 11 enormous sea coconuts or “double coconuts”, which has 2 concentric shells.

Furthermore, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden has an overall 1,567 types of palms and more than 200 types remain in the general public location of the park.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden was licensed by the International Palm Society for having the most types of palms on the planet.

The sea coconut got its name from ancient French sailors who discovered them drifting in the ocean, far from any trees. The early navigators thought that the trees should be under the sea while others called them fruit that fell from paradise.

The biggest sea coconuts ever discovered weigh 20 kgs each. The fruit takes 7 years to ripen. Trees take a year to root and will not produce fruit for more than twenty years.

Kampol Tansajja assists his garden enthusiasts plant an uncommon sea coconut tree in the secured nursery.

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