Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak sees with issue as medics tend to Prayuth Panprasong who struggles with “long Covid” making him weak and has problem strolling and looking after himself.

Nongprue authorities brought food and movement help to a Pattaya-area guy crippled by “long Covid”. Mayor Winai Inpitak, his deputies and subdistrict council members came down upon the house of Prayuth Panprasong, who fell ill with Covid-19 in November.

While he is now virus-free, he has actually had continuing health issue connected to the illness, a syndrome typically described as “long Covid”. He is weak and has problem strolling and looking after himself.

As Prayuth was the primary income producer, the household has actually fallen on tough times. Winai offered containers of food to the household and likewise brought strolling help to Prayuth.

The mayor stated the subdistrict constantly provides wheelchairs, walking sticks, healthcare facility beds and other devices to the clingy, however is brief on stock. He advised the general public to contribute at the subdistrict workplace.

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