Speedboats standby to assist workers aboard the Krakenian drifting coffee shop and dining establishment after it was flooded by rough seas off Pattaya, Chon Buri, on Monday night. No one was hurt. There were no clients on board. (Image: Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

A drifting pirate-themed café and dining establishment was flooded and left partly undersea by rough seas off Pattaya on Monday night. No one was harmed.

The double-decker raft, called Krakenian, provides dining, live music, a karaoke space and squid fishing.

It started noting to one side as it was struck by waves driven by strong winds around 4pm on Monday. It was flooded and partly immersed.

There was an unofficial report of an issue with a water pump not working appropriately. Rescuers assisted workers to security. There were no visitors on board.

The pirate-themed dining establishment was just just recently opened.

The dining establishment had actually been closed for some days since of the bad weather condition and rough seas.

An executive stated water had actually gone into the side of the boat and triggered it to note greatly. The whole raft did not sink.

The hull was nose-down and resting on the sandy sea flooring. The water was not deep.

Raising it back to the surface area would take about one hour once the operation got underway, authorities stated.

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