2 Pattaya burglars took belongings from Thai and Dutch travelers at a hotel early the other day early morning. The occurrence happened at a n unnamed hotel on Soi Pattaya-Naklua 20 in Bang Lamung.

The Dutch victim, 37 years of age Christian Fuchs, stated he positioned 4,000 baht in money on the table in his hotel space prior to he went to shower. Fuchs stated he came out of the shower to discover that his money had actually disappeared, and there were indications that somebody had actually entered his space.

Fuchs stated he then saw the suspects reversing a corner outside, so he chased them. That’s when he heard a call for aid from the other victim, a Thai lady called Ae. The suspects left the scene on a motorcycle, Fuchs stated.

Ae informed authorities she saw 2 slim male suspects running past her. She presumed the males were merely other hotel visitors up until they got on their motorcycle, reversed, and snatched her handbag prior to getting away.

Ae stated the burglars looked about 170 and 160 centmetres high, and in between 20-30 years of ages.

Ae’s handbag included 500 baht in money, and a mobile phone worth 5,000 baht, The Pattaya News reported.

Pattaya Authorities Captain Sontaya Khansub checked Fuchs’s space and discovered traces of tampering. The authorities are now on the prowl to find the suspects.

This news follows a group of burglars took 2 cellphones from a Pattaya visitor home previously this month. Among the burglars supposedly took the phones while another asked an employee to take him on a trip of the spaces.

2 of the burglars were captured at their rental space on Beach Roadway, and one was captured at a hotel on Pattaya Second Roadway. The 3 Egyptian males confessed that they were individuals captured in the CCTV video footage, nevertheless, they rejected the claims.

After the most recent Pattaya hotel theft, authorities will ideally when again capture the scoundrels.

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