An elderly woman undergoes telomere length and physical fitness evaluations as part of Pattaya’s health initiative for residents aged 50 and above.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya initiated the “Biological Age Assessment through Telomere Length and Physical Fitness” project, aimed at evaluating the biological age of residents aged 50 and above in Pattaya.

Running from June 11 to 12, the project was a collaborative effort between the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, and the Health Promotion Division, Public Health and Environment Bureau of Pattaya City. Its primary goal was to assess telomere length and physical fitness among older individuals in Chonburi Province. This assessment seeks to understand the relationship between telomere length and frailty, comparing biological age with chronological age.

Mayor Poramet emphasized the benefits of the “Biological Age Assessment” project to elderly residents of Pattaya.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet highlighted the project’s benefits for participants, who gained insights into their telomere length and physical fitness levels. This knowledge can empower them to make healthier lifestyle choices, including adopting low-fat, low-sugar diets, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and ensuring sufficient sleep. The project targeted healthy male and female residents aged 50 and above, with an anticipated daily participation of 50-60 individuals.

Telomeres, protective structures at the ends of chromosomes, play a vital role in cellular repair. As cells divide for repair, telomeres naturally shorten. The rate of telomere shortening varies among individuals and is influenced by lifestyle factors. Unhealthy habits such as poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, alcohol consumption, and smoking accelerate telomere shortening, potentially leading to premature aging and increased susceptibility to diseases. Conversely, a healthy lifestyle can slow down telomere shortening, promoting longevity and healthier aging.

The project launch event was attended by Associate Professor (Special) Dr. Satit Niramitmahapanya, Director of the Medical Technology Research and Evaluation Institute, Dr. Rattadumrong Thamchoat, Director of Somdet Phra Sangkharat Yannasangwon Hospital for the Elderly, and representatives from the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health.

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