Pattaya city clerk Pramote Thapthim

PATTAYA, Chon Buri: Approximately 70% of qualified citizens were anticipated to cast their tallies in the May 22 elections for Pattaya City mayor and councillors, city clerk Pramote Thapthim stated on Wednesday.

Sub-Lt Pramote stated the Registration Workplace remained in the procedure of inspecting the credentials of prospects and anticipated to formally reveal the names of certified prospects by April 26.

Lists of the prospects would be published in front of ballot systems, the Pattaya City Workplace and Pattaya City sites, and on social networks, he stated.

There would be 146 ballot stations and 1,898 authorities on responsibility on election day.

The city was stepping up its ballot project and anticipated turnout to be as high as 70%, he stated.

From April 19, qualified citizens might examine their names on citizen lists. Those whose names were missing out on might notify the Pattaya City Registration Workplace from May 2-11, the city clerk stated.

He did not offer the variety of qualified citizens.

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