Boonlue Chatree, 21 Dec 1955– 6 April 2023

It is with agony of mind that the management of Pattaya Mail Media Group reveals the serene diing of Boonlue Chatree, our most respected and brave criminal offense press reporter on April 6, 2023 at the age of 67.

Boonlue signed up with the Pattaya Mail as a criminal offense press reporter thirty years back when we remained in our infancy. His enthusiasm was reporting criminal offense stories, which he did all his life.

Boonlue was understood among his coworkers not to point out the regional authorities as the “brave press reporter”. He invested every night sitting at the Pattaya police headquarters, ever prepared to hurry out with the polices to get the story first-hand and the very best shots of the criminal offense scene.

Boonlue did not miss out on anything. Burglars, street battles, cars and truck mishaps, gun-fights, domestic and civil violence, and murders. At daybreak, Boonlue would hurry to the Pattaya Mail workplace where he would be seen slamming away at his old typewriter producing the criminal offense news of the night. He would slip a wee nap at his desk after sending his “hot news” to the editor.

Later, when our business ended up being a bit more advanced and might manage it, we got a computer system for each of our press reporters. Boonlue discovered how to utilize one, however sometimes he would get annoyed much like everyone, when things failed such as the computer system crashes or the story that he had actually been dealing with simply vanishes from the face of the screen.

Boonlue was enjoyed by everybody in Pattaya Mail. The young press reporters admired him and sought his assistance and suggestions daily. The personnel in the other departments called him “Na Lua” or Uncle Boonlue. He was a real and relied on uncle, sibling and buddy to us and was ever prepared to provide an assisting hand when we required it.

He was a hard press reporter with sound morals and principles. He did not endure the dishonest things that occur in both the personal and public sector. He hated bad cops and corrupt federal government authorities, which would show in his reporting. The majority of times the editor would need to tone down his compelling investigative stories lest we step on some sensitive toes.

Boonlue worked every day up until completion of his life. Even when he was ill and understood that things didn’t look great, and his days were numbered, he continued working and sent criminal offense stories every day. His was undeviating real love and devotion for his occupation.

Rest in peace dear buddy. We miss you currently. If reincarnation be real, we want and hope that we will satisfy and interact at the Pattaya Mail once again in the next life.

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