Paramedics provide very first help to a 20-year-old female onlooker who passed out in worry after hearing the gunshots at close quarters.

A Naklua male tired of a next-door neighbor obtaining cash from his better half was detained for attempting to shoot her.

Pornchai Boonphan, 45, was apprehended at his Naklua Soi 22 home Feb. 18. An 11 mm. handgun was taken from him.

Regardless of Pornchai shooting a number of shots, nobody was harmed. Nevertheless, a 20-year-old female onlooker passed out in worry and was required to a regional healthcare facility.

The target of the gunplay, Duangjai Khaongam, 31, stated she had actually asked to obtain 500 baht from Pornchai’s better half. Obviously, it wasn’t the very first time.

Bhonchai and his better half entered into an argument when Duangjai appeared for the money. She stated Pornchai put her in a headlock and after that took out the weapon. Throughout the battle, 3 wild shots were fired.

Bhonchai will be charged with different weapons offenses.

Duangjai Khaongam stated that she concerned obtain 500 baht, however rather got assaulted and threatened with 3 gunshots fired near her head.

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