Grilled seahorses on sale for 150 baht each at the Pattaya Drifting Market, prior to they were prohibited. (Picture by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

PATTAYA: The Pattaya Drifting Market and the supplier of grilled seahorses on Tuesday apologised in public for offering the item that polluted the image of the nation.

Wichai Thanessanurak, the basic supervisor of the marketplace, confessed failure to completely examine and manage all items cost the location after the photos of grilled seahorses being published on social networks by travelers.

The store offering the animal came from Paisri Worawong, who, together with Mr Wichai, provided an apology to the general public.

Mr Wichai stated the image of the tourist sector was polluted by the matter and the item produced difficult sensation for the general public. He validated that the store and agreement with the seller had actually been ended.

Mrs Pisri stated she offered the grilled seahorses for about one month for travelers from China by purchasing dried seahorses for 80 baht each from a store in Yaowarat in Bangkok and offering them 150 baht each.

” I did it due to the fact that of my lack of knowledge,” she stated, including she will go back to her house province of Return of investment Et after a restriction from the marketplace.

Basic supervisor of the Pattaya Drifting Market Wichai Thanessanurak (centre) and grilled seahorse seller Paisri Worawong (left) apologise to the general public throughout an interview on Tuesday. (Picture by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

The drifting market is popular for Chinese travelers. The Chinese think that seahorses have medical qualities to provide energy, although there is no clinical evidence.

Pongsiri Prasopsuk, the Fishery Department authorities, stated Mrs Pisri will not deal with legal action as seahorses are not a secured animal in Thailand.

However the department prepares to examine a store offering the marine animal to learn the legality of the trade, the authorities included.

Importing or exporting seahorses is prohibited by the Convention on International Sell Endangered Types of Wild Animal and Plants (Points Out) to which Thailand is a signatory.

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