City authorities speak with the homeless lady who had actually developed a shanty on the premises of the general public park to collect her valuables and leave.

Pattaya authorities rousted a homeless lady from a Jomtien Beach park, however didn’t discover her a safe house.

Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat and city board members went to Nong Pong Public Park on Jomtien Second Roadway Feb. 12. Accompanied by municipal government security, they met the unknown lady and informed her to discover elsewhere to camp out.

Previous interventions by city authorities with homeless individuals were organized with the Chonburi House for the Destitute with homeless individuals securely put in a shelter, not simply moved in other places.

The city authorities got included since joggers and other park users grumbled the lady tossed bottles at them and brought a knife.
After she was kicked out, sanitation employees took down her camping tent and tossed out anything left.

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