CCTV video assisted authorities to ultimately locate Sakorn Pumcharoen and her pal riding the taken Grand Filano to her house on Thepprasit Roadway.

It took 10 days, however Pattaya authorities located the burglar who took an intoxicated Italian guy’s motorcycle while he was throwing up on a Jomtien Beach roadside.

On Feb. 25, Fiorenzo Cardinali, 38, confessed he was driving under the influence and felt ill. So he pulled over on Jomtien Second Roadway to throw up.

As he did, 2 individuals utilized the chance to repel on his bike, as the Italian left the type in the ignition.

Cops utilized CCTV video to ultimately locate Sakorn Pumcharoen, 39, and Cardinali’s Grand Filano at her house on Thepprasit Roadway.
Cops stated she admitted.

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