To protect tourists during Songkran festivities, more than 650 security personnel, including crowd control units and volunteer officers have been assigned to ensure safety during the water-splashing activities.

PATTAYA, Thailand – As the Songkran festival reaches its peak and Pattaya gears up for the highly anticipated Wan Lai Day event on April 19, authorities have intensified efforts to ensure the safety of tourists participating in the festivities.

The Superintendent of Pattaya City Police, Pol. Gen. Nawin Theeravit, unveiled a comprehensive security plan designed to safeguard tourists engaging in the water-splashing activities. Coordination between the Pattaya City police, crowd control units, and the Dynamic Rapid Response Team of the Tourist Police, along with volunteer officers, has led to the deployment of more than 650 security personnel.

During the much-awaited Wan Lai Day, Pattaya’s beachfront road will undergo a significant transformation. Spanning from the central Pattaya intersection to Walking Street, this area will be closed to vehicular traffic, converting it into a pedestrian-only zone. This measure aims to streamline access for residents and tourists eager to immerse themselves in the water-splashing revelry.

In addition to manpower, authorities are harnessing technology to bolster security measures throughout the festivities. Advanced surveillance systems will be utilized to conduct thorough security checks and monitor traffic within and around the designated event area.

Pol. Gen. Nawin Theeravit, Superintendent of Pattaya City Police, highlights the integration of advanced technology in ensuring safety during Songkran celebrations. Surveillance systems will enhance security checks and monitor traffic, ensuring a smooth and secure event.

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