Authorities detained 7 Thai guys over the burglary of a Chinese male and his Thai partner’s home in Pattaya previously this month. The suspects stated they were worked with by 3 Thai guys who thought the Chinese male was keeping 200 to 400 million baht inside your home.

The burglary took place on the night of December 11 at the couple’s home in Land and Home Town in Pattaya’s Bang Lamung district.

9 robbers burglarized your home and bound the hands and feet of the Chinese male and his partner and took their cellphones.

The attackers assaulted the Chinese male up until he exposed the password to his safe. The burglars took 700,000 baht in money, 210,000 baht’s worth of gold lockets and a 11-calibre handgun and got away the residential or commercial property.

After the couple submitted a cops problem, authorities examined and provided arrest warrants for 9 guys: Sorranan Pratuang, Suthep Tubehom, Ekkachai Nim-anong, Akkaphan Phupha, Pattarawat Thammarak, Kritsada Meethom, Naruenart Choojit, Somchai Kongkaew, and Boontawee Kongkaew.

The authorities detained all however 2 guys– Somchai Kongkaew and Boontawee Kongkaew– in various locations consisting of Pattaya, in other places in Chon Buri province, Chachoengsao and Sa Keao.

The officers took the suspects’ cars and trucks (a white Toyota Fortuner SUV, a white Toyota Yaris, a white BMW, and a white MG sedan), taken gold lockets, and the remaining cash totaling up to 5,000 baht.

Police reported today that 3 Thai guys– Toon, Muek, and Jo– worked with Kritsada to rob your home. The guys informed Kritsada that the Chinese male had 200-400 million baht’s worth of money and properties in your home.

The guys informed Kritsada he might keep 15 million baht of the taken products as a benefit if he effectively obtained all 200-400 million baht in properties.

Figured out for his cut, Kritsada assembled 8 more burglars to assist devote the criminal offense. The guys prepared the robbery together and designated various functions to one another.

Nevertheless, the robbery didn’t go as well as hoped, and the gang entrusted to just a weapon, gold and 700,000 baht in money. The guys turned over the taken products to their “companies” and went on the run for about one week up until 7 out of 9 were detained.

5 suspects are still on the run consisting of Somchai Kongkaew, Boontawee Kongkaew, and the 3 guys who worked with the gang to devote theft.

Authorities are still examining the case.

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