Seasoned star Nukkid “Neung” Boonthong has actually blasted an airline company pilot who ran off with his starlet child 8 months back and has actually made her pregnant.

Panthothong ‘Gunjaezol’ Boonthong with her daddy Nukkid ‘Neung’ Boonthong. Right, with her hubby Chanat ‘Nat’ Lertpattanathai.

Neung spoke out recently after his child, ex-Channel 7 starlet Panthothong “Gunjaezol” Boonthong, released on social networks a picture of her taking a noodle meal with her sweetheart, Chanat “Nat” Lertpattanathai. She appears greatly pregnant.

The image was republished commonly, triggering an anguished action from the girl’s moms and dads and more youthful sibling, who stated Gunjaezol, or Zol, had actually left house 8 months back in a huff and declined to call them because.

Zol’s mom stated if Zol was pregnant she should not lie to society, while her more youthful sibling exposed their mom lies awake during the night weeping and craving her child.

Daddy Neung, on the other hand, stated he was eliminated to see the image, as he now understands his child is safe. Nevertheless, he stated he is likewise in a state of shock and does not comprehend why such a catastrophe needs to befall his household.

He stated Zol and his prospective son-in-law left of their lives when they were going over the young couple’s strategies to get wed.

” Now I see she is pregnant I can comprehend what occurred and why she hasn’t called us. Nevertheless, I still believe it’s severe,” Neung stated.

” Zol didn’t get the phone or response Line messages, and when her buddies called, he [Nat] would inform her not to respond to.

” I comprehend she may have succumbed to him quickly, as it’s her very first relationship, however he needs to understand much better, as he is 12 years older.

” His conduct is unmanly. He treated us incorrectly when we were going over the couple’s strategies to get engaged and wed, and attempts to manage her life.”

Neung stated the couple had actually understood each other simply 2 or 3 months prior to Zol brought up the concept of marital relationship. Zol, her mom and more youthful sibling took a trip to Surat Thani early in 2015 to satisfy Nat’s moms and dads. Neung stated he was hectic with work and not able to accompany them.

On Zol’s go back to Bangkok with Nat, Neung asked if he was not hurrying things, which appears to have actually disturbed the airline company captain. “He stated he was all set for marital relationship, and I asked if he was not going too quick as they had actually only simply fulfilled.

” I am unsure if he was mad, however after that he just wished to speak to Zol’s mom. When she got house she stated she was too worn out, and asked if they might talk another time … however he informed Zol they were leaving and without delay left,” he stated.

Neung stated her child left house on Feb 8. Later on he discovered the couple silently registered their marital relationship on Feb 14. Later on still, Nat took Zol to Channel 7 where they asked to be discharge of her agreement.

” I expect she was pregnant already and didn’t wish to appear with a substantial stomach on set,” stated Neung, including he struggled with heart issues and might not manage to get too stressed out.

” I hope they achieve success together and make it in whatever they pick to do. I can however raise the kid, do say goodbye to. If they were to bring my grandchild to me, use a wai and apologise, I can’t inform how I would respond, as I am still too shocked.”

Neung’s household states Nat’s side has actually declared through the media they required a 20 million baht dowry. They challenge the figure, stating they requested for simply 2 million baht, as Nat does not belong to attend to his other half in Bangkok however need to lease.

Zol and Nat, who preceded the media in 2015 to state they were a product, have yet to break their silence on the household drama.

Apisaya ‘Eve’ Pattanaworasap

Previous overtakes wild rocker

Rocker Sek Loso’s brand-new love, previous charm candidate Apisaya “Eve” Pattanaworasap, states she is prepared to accept his infant kid into their lives after he confessed he had actually silently fathered the kid to another lady.

Eve, 27, and her mom, Marisa Laebua, preceded the media recently to talk about Sek’s discovery that he was daddy to a three-month old kid, Leon.

Sek early this month released an image of himself, Leon, and the kid’s mom, starlet Paphada “Sandwich” Chotikawanitch, whom he began seeing in 2015.

He asked netizens to invite the child into the world, without discussing he had actually because left Sandwich, who will raise the kid alone.

Sek’s previous other half, Wiphakorn “Kan” Sukpimai, was the very first to react to Sek’s news, criticising him for breaking a guarantee to keep the kid’s birth a trick, till he had actually informed the 3 kids from their marital relationship. They discovered from the media they now had a young half-sibling.

Unflustered by the criticism, Sek confessed he had actually because tired of Sandwich and is now seeing 2009 Miss Maxim charm contest runner-up Eve, who now runs a small company offering products on the web.

” I am seeing Eve seriously however unsure if I am still seeing Sandwich. I reckon I have a lot more kids in my past however can’t state if I have a lot more better halves,” he stated.

Sek’s admission triggered a jibe by Sandwich’s daddy, Moo Samran, who stated the rocker can’t simply use up and drop ladies at will.

Sandwich, who preceded the media to talk about life as a single mum, exposed she had actually called Kan after Sek’s behaviour turned odd. He had actually begun speaking with the refrigerator and hallucinating, she stated.

Kan, who separated Sek 2 years back, stated he did comparable things when he was taking controlled substances 5 years back.

Beginner Eve, on the other hand, stated Sek informed her about his brand-new kid quickly prior to he went public with the news.

” I have actually had no contact with Kan or Sandwich, however I would have no objection if Sek wishes to bring his brand-new kid or the kid’s mom into our lives,” she stated.

” I can accept it if he needs to look after them. I decided to enter his life from the start; this is simply an issue we need to handle together.

” When we began together seriously, he stated he was speaking with me alone, and I think him.”

Eve stated she appreciates Sek for owning up to the kid. She likewise exposed that a medical professional who had actually analyzed Sek just recently discovered his character was hyper, and compared his condition to bipolar affective disorder.

” I can accept that too, as he is likewise romantic,” she stated, including the 2 had actually understood each other on and off because her charm candidate days. He had actually likewise composed 2 tunes for her.

Eve’s mom, Mrs Marisa, stated she was dissatisfied to hear her child had actually begun seeing Sek.

” I feel as if my child has actually wrested him away for herself, though I am happy Sek states he is seeing Eve seriously,” she stated. “I have actually informed him he need to reveal he is a guy of his word, and he has actually guaranteed not to handle anymore ladies while they are together.”

Savika ‘Pinky’ Chaiyadej

Petch states starlet requirements to ‘mature’

Starlet Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej has actually broken up with millionaire Pattaya home designer and film-maker, Itthi “Petch” Chavalittamrong, after 3 years of marital relationship.

Pinky, who stated she was leaving the market to begin a household when she wed Petch in an Islamic event in September 2014, stated the couple’s strategies stopped working to eventuate.

Petch, who was mad about work, didn’t have time to begin a household, and she discovered she did not have a head for organization, despite the fact that he desired her to attempt her hand at it. Pinky has actually been back house with Mum and Father in Bangkok about a week.

” We didn’t argue, which simply hold various perspectives,” she stated, likewise rejecting a 3rd hand was included.

” He is a business owner and desired me to attempt it out, however I discovered I could not do it, which put me under pressure. I choose the show business and have actually understood absolutely nothing else because youth,” she stated.

” I feel unwinded back in your home and understand if I went back to Petch now it would not feel the exact same.”

Petch informed the Daily News that Pinky’s remarks were off the point. He was still perplexed about what caused completion of their marital relationship however stated Pinky still has a great deal of maturing to do.

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