A city official assists motorists to adapt to the new one-way traffic system on Soi Diana (Soi 13), connecting Second Road to Soi Buakhao, reflecting strong public approval.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The public has shown great cooperation with the new traffic arrangement as city hall implemented a one-way traffic system for Soi Diana (Pattaya Second Road Soi 13) and Soi Honey (Pattaya Second Road Soi 11). These two streets, which connect the Second Road to Soi Buakhao, were made one-way starting May 21 to ease traffic congestion during rush hours.

While the new system has generally been well-received, the public has voiced concerns over the challenges posed by street vendors and rental vehicles obstructing lanes in various areas of the city. These obstructions not only impede traffic flow but also pose safety risks to road users.

Motorists navigate the newly implemented one-way traffic on Soi Honey (Soi 11), showing public support for the changes designed to ease congestion between Second Road and Soi Buakhao.

During the initial phase, officials were on hand to assist and provide information to ensure a smooth transition. This proactive approach helped mitigate confusion and ensured that drivers could adapt to the new traffic patterns with minimal disruption.

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