Water is pumped from the flooded Tham Luang collapse Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, on Wednesday. (AP picture)

Scuba divers are awaiting the water level inside Tham Luang to drop in the past once again attempting to reach a high chamber that might be functioning as a safe house from the floodwaters for the missing out on 12 kids and their football coach.

” Scuba divers are all set for another operation once the water level decreases,” the Royal Thai Navy SEAL published in a Facebook message around 7pm on Wednesday.

Floodwaters inside Tham Luang cavern intensified by ongoing rain are obstructing efforts to reach the teenager footballers and their coach. They went inside the collapse Mae Sai district, Chiang Rai, on Saturday afternoon and have actually not returned.

Army medical workers bring an officer who passed out throughout the rescue operation for missing out on football gamers and their coach at Tham Luang cavern on Wednesday. (EPA-EFE picture)

High-pressure water pumps were set up at the cavern, draining pipes 5,000 litres of water per minute.

The area in the cavern rescuers wish to reach, called Pattaya beach, is a location of dry ground in a chamber deep inside Tham Luang.

Anukoon Sorn-ek, who surveyed the cavern, informed radio station FM100.5 on Tuesday that it was a possible location for the caught kids and fitness instructor to have actually left the water streaming into the cavern from outdoors.

Image made on Wednesday reveals a topographical map annotated with area information of Tham Luang collapse which 12 young soccer employee and their coach went missing on Saturday. (Bangkok Post Graphics)

Earlier reports had actually stated the diving group had actually reached the location however Maj Gen Chalongchai Chaiyakham, the deputy leader of the Third Army Area, verified on Wednesday that they had actually not had the ability to get that far. He stated the “beach” has to do with 5-6 kilometres from the entryway.

” Pattaya beach is a huge chamber and there are likewise smaller sized chambers that might function as a safe house,” he stated.

Long passages filled with dirty water en route into the mountain supply difficult challenges for rescuers to conquer.

A search employee checks out a rock crevice in hopes it might supply an alternate entryway to Tham Luang cavern on Wednesday. (Image from @DisasterNewsTH Facebook page)

Other groups are surveying the mountain searching for shafts reaching down into Tham Luang as another point of access to the 13 caught within.

The search entered its 4th day on Wednesday and rescuers are working all the time as time goes out.

3 British cave-divers, who have actually formerly checked out Tham Luang, came to the cape on Wednesday night to assist in the operation.

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