The detained Russians, numerous using “sex animator” Tee shirts, at Pattaya police headquarters (picture by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

PATTAYA: Cops disrupted 10 Russians running a class in sexual strategies for 43 compatriots in a Pattaya hotel space early on Monday early morning.

The raid at the high-end hotel, the name of which was kept, happened about 12.30 am.

Attendees were supposedly offered certificates in sexual abilities after finishing the training course.

Trainers and students were using Tee shirts bearing the words “sex animator”.

The students were later on released after their passports were inspected. Cops stated they paid about 20,000 baht each for the course.

Of the 10 fitness instructors, 3 were prohibited migrants, one had actually overstayed a visa and another was working without a license. Pattaya cops were taking pertinent legal action versus them.

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