After slim dipping in the sea, Herr Wilhelm Weinmann walks along the beach exposing himself to one and all.

A naked German guy surprised travelers by parading around Pattaya Beach.

Wilhelm Weinmann, 63, walked along Pattaya Beach and played in the water like absolutely nothing was incorrect. Naturally, Pattaya is not a naked beach and nudity is unlawful.

Authorities based on coast and urged the naked swimmer to come in, however he declined. Authorities waited him out and about 15 minutes later on he plodded on to the sand, got his clothing and attempted to leave.

Authorities weren’t going to let that occur, so they made him gown and transported him in to Pattaya Police Headquarters.

Not observing the cop’s demand to get dressed, the officers chose to deal with the German and put a set of trousers on him prior to sending him off to the police headquarters.

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