Medics provide initial aid to Somchai Makrasri who was stabbed by a homeless man while collecting coins at a temple in South Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A man was severely injured in an unprovoked stabbing incident in South Pattaya. Somchai Makrasri, 41, was found 4 kilometres away, at the entrance of Soi Photisarn in North Pattaya with a deep wound in his abdomen. Medics provided initial aid to Somchai before he was rushed to the hospital.

Somchai recounted that he had been collecting distributed coins at Wat Thammasamakee Temple in South Pattaya when a homeless man suddenly stabbed him in the left ribcage. The attacker fled the scene, leaving Somchai bewildered and in need of assistance as he walked along Sukhumvit Road seeking help from locals.

Kedchanat Boonlert, 41, a public transport employee, noticed Somchai covered in blood and immediately called for help. She recounted that Somchai mentioned being stabbed at the temple, approximately 4 kilometres away from where he sought assistance. The motive behind the attack remains unclear.

Police have initiated an investigation into the incident, gathering witness statements and reviewing CCTV footage to ascertain the cause of the attack and identify the perpetrator.

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