Federal government authorities in Chon Buri have actually gotten grievances about travelers, primarily Chinese and Vietnamese, attaching sticker labels on the facilities of Wat Nong Yai, a century-old temple in Pattaya, out of the belief that doing so will bring them best of luck.

Following grievances made to regional media, press reporters have actually gone to the temple best understood amongst travelers for its unspoiled historical wood at Phra Ubosot hall.

Travelers normally get here as part of assisted trips and the majority of them bring a white round-shaped sticker label with a photo of a red lotus on it. Prior to leaving the temple, they position the sticker label whereever they can, consisting of trees, and even pillars of the hall.

Thongdi Saeli, a caretaker at the temple, stated the sticker labels are offered to the travelers by their guides who inform them that putting the sticker labels inside the temple’s facilities would bring them best of luck.

Mr Thongdi stated personnel have actually been attempting to eliminate the sticker labels. Nevertheless, they just can not keep up, offered the a great deal of foreign visitors who go to the temple every day.

The business has actually reserved a corner where the travelers can position their sticker labels however the majority of visitors pick to neglect it, he stated.

The personnel are now preparing strategy to set up a big board with text motivating visitors to put their sticker labels just on the board. Likewise, more personnel is most likely to be hired to assist peel sticker labels which now swallow up the temple premises.

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