Cops question Aranya Srisang the sweetheart of the Finnish guy who was discovered dead in their house with his throat slit.

A Finnish expat in Bang Saray passed away, apparently by his own hand, from a slit throat.
Karjalainen Markku Tapani, 58, was dead in the bed room of his single-story home Feb. 27. He was dressed just in underclothing and had his throat slit. A cooking area knife lay on his chest.

Sweetheart Aranya Srisang, 49, stated she was not in your home when Tapani passed away. She had actually taken her niece and nephew to school and after that went to a temple to mark 100 days because her mom’s death.

She went back to discover blood spattered on the bed room door and went into to discover Tapani pushing the bed dead.

A next-door neighbor informed authorities that the couple typically argues. Aranya was required to Sattahip Police headquarters for questioning.

Aranya stated she felt guilty due to the fact that she forgot to inform Tapani that she was going to the temple and would be gone a long period of time. She stated he typically “overthinks” and may have believed she had actually left him and eliminated himself in anguish.

Aranya stated she and Tapani have actually been dating for 5 years, however he had actually left Thailand for 2 years throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He returned 9 months earlier and purchased your house they share.

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