It took 3 days for employees to drain water from the partly sunk Kra Kenian traveler boat and refloated.

A pirate-themed café boat and dining establishment that partly immersed last month has actually been restored and positioned into drydock.
The double-deck Kra Kenian raft boat offering dining, live music, a karaoke space and squid fishing started handling water Jan. 30 after being struck by waves driven by strong winds.

Pattaya Marine Department Director Eakaraj Kantaro stated Feb. 7 stated the ship, formally called the Thailand Explorer, was drained and refloated, then gave a shipyard for maintenance. The procedure took 3 days.
Eakaraj stated no fuel or trash was spilled by the vessel.

The pirate themed ship was given a shipyard for maintenance. Luckily, no fuel or trash was spilled into the sea.

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