A reportedly intoxicated Thai man severely injured a Russian motorcyclist in a crash in Pattaya early this morning. 

Rescuers arrived at the scene on Soi Jomtien 11 to find the Russian man severely injured and bleeding. The rescuers found the man’s motorcycle nearby. They rushed him to the nearest hospital.

The rescuers found the Thai pickup truck driver, 34 year old Chaiyan Moohan, uninjured, although his car had a broken bumper. According to Chaiyan’s statement, a police officer told him to park elsewhere. As he was moving his car, the victim suddenly crashed into him. Chaiyan reportedly admitted that he didn’t know whether he was straddling the lane or not because he was intoxicated.

A witness, 54 year old Charas Wongsontorn, said that Chaiyan hurtled from where he parked his car and blocked the lane, causing the victim to slam into him. 

Officers brought Chaiyan to Pattaya Police Station for charges, The Pattaya News reported. 

This news comes after another drunk driving incident in Pattaya on December 11, when a drunk driver tried to smash his way through a police checkpoint in the city

Pattaya City Police set up the checkpoint after midnight on North Pattaya Road in Naklua to catch drunk drivers. The operation proved to be successful as several drivers were charged with drunk driving.

In Thailand’s central province of Nakhon Nayok, a young bride-to-be died in a tragic drink driving incident on December 8, 17 days before her wedding. 

The victim was standing in front of her workplace waiting for her fiance to pick her up. While she was waiting, an 18-wheel truck hit her fiance’s car from the rear, projecting the SUV directly into her. 

Across Thailand last year, 277 people were killed, and 2,357 were injured in almost 2,400 road accidents. Drunk driving was involved in more than one-third of the accidents. 

After the latest incident in Pattaya, the victim will hopefully recover from his injuries soon, and justice will hopefully be served.

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