Numerous soldiers (above), groups and volunteers laboured for a week to provide the forward groups of Royal Thai Navy and foreign scuba divers and cave-exploring professionals to lastly reach the caught young boys and their coach on Monday. (Picture by Royal Thai Army)

After 9 days caught in a flooded Thai cavern 12 young boys and their football coach have actually been discovered alive in an amazing rescue.

Here’s how the gruelling nine-day search in the 10-kilometre long cavern filled with fast-flowing muddy floodwaters unfolded.

The children, aged in between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach entered into the Tham Luang collapse northern Thailand after football practice on Saturday, June 23. They were reported missing out on by a mom after her young kid did not get back that night.

Here is what occurred.

Regional authorities begin to try to find the young boys after they are thought to have actually ended up being caught by heavy rains which cut them off from the primary entryway.

They discover bikes locked to a fence and shoes and football boots coming from the young boys near to the entryway.

Park authorities and cops kick into equipment to discover the group, m as heavy rains continue to fall in the location in the outermost north location of Thailand, at the Golden Triangle with Laos and Myanmar.

They discover handprints and footprints thought to come from the young boys and believe the group most likely pulled back into the winding tunnels as they ended up being hemmed in by increasing floodwaters.

Family members keep a vigil outside the cavern where they will remain for 9 days straight – frantically waiting for news.

Elite Royal Thai Navy Underwater Demolition Group (UDT) members, nicknamed the Seals, remain in the cavern looking for the young boys, equipped with compressed air tanks and bring food.

Makeshift shrines are established for moms and dads to hope and make offerings.

Heavy rains continue, triggering worries that floodwaters within the cavern might increase.

The young boys are thought to have actually pulled back even more into the cavern to a raised air pocket called “Pattaya Beach”.

Scuba divers reach a T-junction a number of kilometres inside the cavern however are required back by hurrying floodwaters that obstruct a narrow crevice near Pattaya Beach.

Rescue operations run around the clock however it is a race versus time as rains continue to fall.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha requires the country to support the rescue – which had actually currently occurred.

A group of more than 30 United States military workers from their Pacific Command, consisting of pararescue and survival experts, come to the website late Wednesday.

They are signed up with by 3 British diving professionals who enter into the cavern’s entryway however rapidly retreat since of heavy flooding.

Continuing rains are triggering flood levels to increase, and authorities state conditions are “hard”.

The undersea rescue is momentarily stopped since of the fast-moving floods inside the cavern as rainstorms continue without any slow down.

Water pumps are delivered in to drain pipes the increasing floodwaters that are so dirty it is compared to swimming through cold coffee.

The United States professionals get to work around the base, while the 3 British scuba divers and others search the mountain for alternative entryways into the cavern.

Drones are dispatched to assist discover brand-new chimneys.

A twinkle of hope as rescue groups discover a possible opening, however there is no warranty it will link to the primary cavern network.

Gen Prayut checks out the website and leads a meditation. He jokes and cooks with loved ones, inquiring not to quit hope.

A break in the bad weather condition permits scuba divers to reach additional inside the cavern however they are still a number of kilometres far from where the young boys are thought to be.

Groups continue to look for alternative openings above ground and rescuers carry out practice drills to securely leave the young boys if and when they are discovered.

Scuba divers inch even more into the cavern making the most of the quick break in bad weather condition.

Rescuers established an operating base inside the cavern and numerous air tanks and other materials are pulleyed in. Scuba divers can now stay remain underground for longer.

As the the sun breaks out, Chiang Rai guv Narongsak Osottanakorne states conditions for the operation are enhancing.

A wonder, lastly: the 12 young boys and their coach are discovered alive and safe about 400 metres even more along from Pattaya Beach– which had actually ended up being threatened by intruding flood waters.

Crowds at the bristling rescue website cheer the bright side and a country breathes a sigh of relief.

However attention now relies on the uphill struggle of now getting the young boys out securely.

The primary concern is to get them food and emergency treatment after 9 days with little to consume in hard conditions.

It might take days – or weeks – to get them out. Rescuers check out a number of choices, consisting of training them to utilize scuba devices.

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