Reference the word blockchain, and the very first thing the majority of people think about is cryptocurrency. However the truth is that the possible applications for dispersed journal innovation (DLT) go far beyond bitcoin and its peers.

A totally free and practically immediate deal of cash from one currency on the other side of the world straight into the currency and account of your option is simply among the appeals of DLT.

What the innovation provides in regards to information security and high openness can be used in lots of methods to benefit customers and companies. That consists of taking the substantial headaches out of house-hunting, states Denis Nemtsev, the creator of the home portal Hipflat. He’s a passionate supporter of utilizing DLT to change the whole property market.

” In many cases, as much as 90% of online listings are incorrect,” the Bangkok-based business owner informs Asia Focus, keeping in mind that this imprecision is barely special to Thailand however can be seen throughout Southeast Asia.


Hipflat creator and blockchain lover

March 25, 1978, Stavropol, Russia

Bachelor of Computer Technology (Automated Computing Systems), Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1999

2000-02: Programmer/team leader, Egar Innovation, Russia
2002-05: Job supervisor, Egar Innovation
2005-07: Handling director, Sapsin Software application (Egar subsidiary), Thailand
2008-09: Co-founder, Farang.Ru Publication, Thailand
2009-11: Handling director, Grade Residential or commercial property Advisors, Thailand
2006-12: Co-founder, FarangForum.Ru, Thailand
2010-12: Co-founder, Daily Offers, Thailand
2013-present: Creator and CEO, Hipflat, Thailand

Utilizing Bangkok as an example, he mentions that a person popular condo structure in the Sukhumvit location might have hundreds or perhaps countless listings for sale or lease. Anybody can validate this by method of an easy search online. Simply select any attractive-looking condo in the main downtown and browse it on 3 real-estate websites, and see the number of listings you can discover.

” There might be more than 2 thousand listings,” he states of the duplication issue. “They use various photos, various costs, and the majority of what you see is most likely not going to exist, while you have definitely no concept where are the real listings for the offered systems.”

Purchasers’ disappointment is growing, however regretfully this absence of clearness in search is now the standard, which produces a great deal of “friction” in between purchasers and sellers, he states.

” This friction is taking place since the purchaser and seller can not settle on what is the reasonable cost,” Mr Nemtsev describes.

” If you compare this to more transparent markets, like the United States or Canada, you will have the ability to see precisely what is for sale there … and you can go to the leading 3 websites where they would reveal you just the offered systems and absolutely nothing else.”

A transparent market would likewise offer details on sales history, which would expose the number of systems have actually been offered previously, when they were offered, and at what cost, leading to a a lot more precise image of reasonable market value that purchasers and sellers can both describe.

” This makes the marketplace more reliable and more liquid since there are more sales taking place as an outcome of the openness,” Mr Nemtsev stated.

According to the Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) International Realty Openness Index, Thailand presently ranks 34th out of 100 markets that the American financial investment management business has actually surveyed. Nevertheless, the Kingdom’s ranking is still much better than the majority of its Asean peers: Indonesia (42 ), the Philippines (48 ), Vietnam (61) and Myanmar (73) are all rank even more down the table.

Just Malaysia (30) and established Singapore (12) handled to have a much better ranking than Thailand regionally, while the 3 most transparent real-estate markets in 2018 around the world were the UK, Australia and the United States respectively. Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan are all near to the “extremely transparent” status taken pleasure in by the front-runners, stated JLL.

In spite of low ratings, the 2 markets amongst the most enhanced in regards to openness were Thailand (34) and India (35 ), and Mr Nemtsev thinks innovation might assist Thailand up its video game even more. With blockchain, he intends to enhance the level of openness not simply in your area however internationally, as he has aspirations to offer the system he upholds totally free to anybody who wishes to utilize it.


Mr Nemtsev was born in Stavropol, the biggest city and the capital of Stavropol Krai area in southern Russia. The city has a present population of around 400,000 however he constantly wished to live someplace larger, and Bangkok definitely fulfilled his expectations when he got here.

Prior to landing in Thailand, Mr Nemtsev was studying computer technology at Moscow State University. “I ‘d liked computer systems given that I was 10 years old when my daddy brought me together with him to a computer system club where I initially found out how to do shows,” he informs Asia Focus “With shows, you can produce something from absolutely nothing.”

Hipflat has a combined 340,000 listings in Bangkok and Singapore from 40,000 representatives and property owners, with 55% being leasings and the rest houses for sale.

His very first coding experiences led to fundamental video gaming programs which became an enthusiasm that triggered him to study how it works clinically for 5 years at one of the most prominent universities in his nation.

After Moscow, Mr Nemtsev continued to operate in the software application advancement market for over a years prior to he persuaded himself that in order to establish even more as an individual, he needed to go out and “see the world”.

” So I looked for brand-new tasks and I opted for interviews in Denmark and France. Those were the alternatives, however thankfully, it didn’t occur which was when I chose to come to Thailand as a traveler,” he states. That remained in 2004 and it was his very first see to Asia. Like lots of, he has actually been here since.

When he initially touched down in Bangkok, Mr Nemtsev understood he required to discover some method to earn a living, however he had no entrepreneurial experience. That did not stop him from attempting to produce a company from scratch, which is how Sapsin Software application became.

” I asked my manager at Egar Innovation (in Russia) about developing an outsource for shows in Thailand since we can conserve expenses and the response returned as ‘let’s attempt’,” he remembers of the monetary software application supplier that he assisted establish.

When he was getting ready for his very first see to Thailand, Mr Nemtsev did some research study on web boards for independent tourists, which is what many Asia-bound Russians do as they do not like bundle trips.

The web board was likewise how he fulfilled his company partner in Moscow in 2005 when both of them chose to one day go to buy Thailand. Together they developed FarangForum.Ru, a Russian platform and online consultancy based in Bangkok.

The site likewise produced a printed regular monthly publication in 2008 with the Russian-speaking audience in Thailand. Farang.Ru publication covered regional news and occasions, travel suggestions and essays on Thai culture that was a hit for a year.

However the international monetary crisis of 2008-09 hit Russia exceptionally difficult and sees to Thailand plunged. FarangForum.Ru needed to close its workplaces in Pattaya and Phuket together with the print publication, however its online variation and the neighborhood it has actually developed is still undamaged, with property a significant focus.

Besides home, FarangForum.Ru is now the biggest neighborhood of Russian-speaking travelers and expats in Thailand, reaching over 150,000 special visitors monthly.

” We were getting a great deal of concerns about how to open a company or purchase home in Thailand, so we chose to open an online consultancy to assist individuals develop themselves here,” stated Mr Nemtsev. “However then the concerns about purchasing real-estate ended up being more popular.”


After 5 years with the real-estate brokerage, he developed Hipflat as an easy to use, map-based online search engine for house purchasers and occupants in Thailand and Southeast Asia. He saw it as a response to the discomfort points that he had actually seen from customers and individual experience given that he transferred to the nation.

” At that point, I was currently operating in property in Thailand for more than 5 years and I can set, and I might see the issue as a purchaser myself,” he remembers.

” Then I saw a site called Zillow in the United States which permits individuals to compare costs, examine historic costs and credibility so I believed, why can’t we do this in Thailand?

” The killer concept was that we did not wish to be simply a home search as we wish to stand apart in regards to information, which was not being performed in Thailand at all at that time.”

This assists describe why the Bangkok-based start-up is now signed up in Singapore and includes more than 340,000 listings from 40,000 representatives and property owners in the 2 nations with 55% of them being leasings and 45% houses for sale. Over the previous 12 months, house purchasers and occupants jointly invested more than one million hours searching home listings on Hipflat and seen around 3.7 countless its websites regular monthly.

” It is more than a location to note your home as we have the historic information to support your searches and we likewise offer tools to assist owner or representative market home on social networks from our marketing bundle,” states Mr Nemtsev.

Even with more details, the issue of an absence of trustworthy information continues the real-estate company. That’s an obstacle that Mr Nemtsev is identified to attend to with a blockchain option by next year.

The concept, he states, is to use blockchain to use a function that produces higher clearness and precision in the property and leasings market by developing community-driven home databases. These would gather crowd-sourced home details by rewarding Hipflat members who contribute premium information.

The confirmed listings include on the site guarantees that home information have actually been separately confirmed by Hipflat members through either direct contact or website sees. Essentially, it resembles the grading system for both motorists and travelers in the Uber app.

” Discovering more than 1,000 listings in 3 websites for 30 offered spaces is insane so we are introducing a function which offer a feedback about the listings,” he describes. “Purchasers and sellers will see 2 buttons in the function which they can either click to validate the listing as legitimate or report it as a bad listing when it is in fact not available or the cost is incorrect.”

Once the listing is confirmed by a variety of individuals, the business will include a badge to the listing to confirm it. To motivate individuals to offer precise feedback, you require to provide benefits and Hipflat means to ultimately begin paying individuals for their actions.

” Preliminary estimations reveal that we might pay somebody around 10,000 baht a month if they can offer routine and precise feedback, which is the next action in the advancement,” states Mr Nemtsev.

” The blockchain is utilized to gather and keep details and separately determine the cumulative viewpoints by method of clever agreements, and as soon as it begins paying benefits, blockchain can likewise be utilized to offer a coin if we make one.”

Mr Nemtsev seeks to offer the software application for the function he is establishing totally free to assist produce higher openness for the market as an entire, as he thinks that as the marketplace ends up being more transparent, it will be much better for his company and for everybody in it.

” Hipflat uses Domus Procedure blockchain innovation however we wish to establish it separately from Hipflat as a non-profit software application, which we wish to provide to other home websites so that they likewise begin to fine-tune their listings,” he states.

” The blockchain will likewise be utilized here when we share the software application to guarantee that Hipflat will not have the ability to get to rival databases in any method.”

His prepare for one grand, unified market platform is an unmatched vision that he hopes will eventually create more company activity for the whole system.

If it makes finding, purchasing and leasing a house simpler and less demanding, Mr Nemtsev will no doubt make himself a great deal of brand-new buddies.

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