A wide variety of extortion and bribery scandals including law enforcement officer have actually advised the general public yet once again of the long-overdue objective to reform the nation’s police.

Last month, 3 cops from Provincial Authorities Area 8 were assembled by regional fishers in tambon Thung Kong in Kanchanadit district of Surat Thani after they implicated the officers of requiring an amount of 5 million baht from them.

According to their managers, the 3 are dealing with an examination.

Previously, in March, 5 policemans based in Chiang Mai’s Mae Ai district became an extortion gang when they required 300,000 baht from a male whose other half did not have an ID card to recognize herself at a checkpoint. The male published a story on Facebook that caused a probe which consequently discovered the officers guilty.

In Pattaya, a law enforcement officer was discovered to be a member of an abduct gang and claiimed a 300,000-baht ransom from a regional business person. Claims likewise emerged that this officer dealt with previous probes over a number of kidnapping cases however handled to get off without penalty for “absence of proof”.

In Samut Prakan, a police headquarters in Bang Phli district was almost deserted as 10 officers were moved after it was discovered they had actually required 130,000 baht from a drug suspect in exchange for her release.

Common events of misbehavior include extortion, abuse of power and impropriety. The only distinction is the names of the officers. In a couple of exceptions like the Pattaya kidnapping the very same bad apple is the offender.

Today, a commanding-level officer was moved from his post in Phatthalung pending a probe over the supposed abuse of a helicopter that flew him to a temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat where he sparked 3 million fire crackers prior to a Buddha image in what is called a kae bon, a return of favour, deal. It is among the couple of companies where position-buying is the standard.

These shenanigans are simply the idea of the iceberg in cops circles. The Royal Thai Authorities yielded such issues exist, however efforts to reform the company are much easier stated than done.

Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, as head of the now-defunct National Council on Peace and Order, swore to reform the RTP in 2014, stating it was a leading concern for the military routine. Authorities reform is specified by the 2017 constitution, with a provision stating a law enacting the reform would materialise within a year, to turn the more than century-old company into an effective and transparent organisation.

The prime minister established a number of panels to study the reform procedure. However by the end of the military age in 2015, he discovered the procedure was too difficult and shelved the strategy, stating he would await the next federal government to take control of. The reality his massive powers were worthless was a shock. Now the brand-new federal government is under his control, and it’s nearly a year given that he took workplace. However the prime minister has actually never ever pointed out a word about reform, while scandal after scandal rock the company.

In the justice procedure, the RTP is the very first company that individuals rely on for help and defense. Yet numerous have actually wound up being additional made use of by this state company. Gen Prayut need to understand that enabling such events including cops misbehavior to continue will just wind up deteriorating staying rely on his federal government.


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