Kanjanathat holds a large cleaver in her right hand while pointing threateningly at the bank teller, demanding her account be unfrozen.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A woman threatened a bank employee with a large kitchen knife, demanding the immediate unfreezing of her account. The incident occurred on June 29, in a bank located within a shopping centre in North Pattaya, causing fear and panic among staff and customers.

The suspect, identified as Ms. Kanjanathat, entered the bank and placed a large cleaver on the desk of Ms. Narumon, a bank teller, in a threatening manner. Witnesses reported that while Narumon was attending to other customers, Kanjanathat sat at a service point, handed over her passbook for account unfreezing, and then pulled the knife from her bag to threaten the employee, demanding immediate action. Security cameras captured the incident clearly.

Following the threat, police apprehended Kanjanathat and took her to Pattaya Police Station for further investigation. She faces charges of carrying a knife in public without reasonable cause and using a weapon to threaten and cause fear in a public place. The reason her account was frozen remains unknown.

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